People Of Pujo

Durga Pujo is a People’s carnival and having said so, it is about the spirit of millions of people who give this festival a carnival status. The grandeur and glory of this festival is a larger than life experience. During the festivity days, the entire City of Joy becomes an exhibition of creative excellence beyond imagination. But amongst all the fun and frenzy, what we tend to miss out or forget is that, this splendor and magnificence is backed by relentless efforts and contributions of People who come from different walks of life and make Pujo even more special for all of us.

From the man who helps us drive around in his taxi at midnight to visit the pujo-pandals to the Traffic Sergeant who keeps the traffic flowing through the busy city roads, a food stall owner who is up and running all through the night to keep up with our hunger pangs every now and then and a flower seller who waits throughout the year to adorn Durga Ma with his bouquets and garlands, unmentioned as they are, Durga Pujo is unfathomable without all of them.

Thus began the journey of Asian Paints Sharad Shamman with #PeopleOfPujo. It is a tribute from Asian Paints Sharad Shamman to the People of Kolkata & beyond, for whom Pujo is just not another festival, it is a significant part of their lives, a large part actually!

#PeopleOfPujo is a series of micro-tales, spinning around the lives of all these city dwellers including the ones who hail from Kolkata but professions took them out of the city, leaving behind their heart & soul with the City of Joy. It narrates the stories of all these unsung heroes which we rarely come across. Without the collective efforts of all these individual tales, the grandeur of Durga Puja would have been lost somewhere.

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